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November 2021
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Posted by: Gracie @ 10:38 am

Christmas is here! Well, almost. Please join me in song now.


We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas! We wish you a merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be serving cookies, hot chocolate (and yes, Alyssa, coffee too☺), and fruitcake! Speaking of fruitcake, how does that song go, Lydia and Alyssa?

43 Responses to “Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Anna Popplewell Says:
    YEA!!! YEA!!! YEA!!!!
  2. Lulu Says:
    I will start a countdown. ahem. 5 DAYS
  3. Edmund P. Says:
    Here is the song: I like fruitcake, how about you, I like friutcake, (here’s the big finish) boo boo badoo ooo!!
  4. Lulu Says:
    4 DAYS
  5. Alyssa Says:
    Our friend Karis made that fruitcake song up. But the one you were asking about is really long, so I won’t sing it. My Dad had us try fruitcake because we made it sound so good in the song. But it was really gross and REALLY sweet. AND THERE WAS BEARELY ANY CAKE!
  6. *NarnianGirl* Says:
    3 more days. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
  7. Lulu Says:
    3 DAYS Abby, why did you steal my job:(?
  8. *NarnianGirl* Says:
    She didn’t, I did. Sorry. I was really excited and I couldn’t help it!!! ☺
  9. Lulu Says:
    Oh wait, I thought it was Abby. Yeah, I sort of didn’t think you were trying to take my job. It isn’t my job anyway. It’s whoever wants to do it.
  10. LuLu Says:
    2 MORE DAYS!!! Tomorrow is Christmas eve!!! Today is Christmas eve eve!!!
  11. *NarnianGirl* Says:
    Actually, today is Christmas Adam! Get it?
  12. Alyssa Says:
  13. Alyssa Says:
    Oh wait, yeah. That was weird.
  14. LuLu Says:
    Hahahaha…I don’t get it.
  15. Edmund P. Says:
    Um, I don’t get it either, can you explain to me Gracie?
  16. *NarnianGirl* Says:
    Well, Tomorrow is Christmas EVE, so today is Christmas ADAM. See now? Adam and Eve?
  17. Anna Popplewell Says:
    Gracie and Elmo up in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!! First comes love, then comes marriage, there goes Elmo with a baby carriage!!!!!
  18. *NarnianGirl* Says:
    Today is Christmas Eve!!!!!!!
  19. LuLu Says:
    1 DAY
  20. Edmund P. Says:
    Um, where did you get Elmo as Graces husband, isin’t that kind of random Abigail?
  21. Alyssa Says:
    I got a SLINGSHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Edmund P. Says:
    Great… I got the game zoo tycoon.
  23. LucyP0104 Says:
    Last year I got Roller Coaster Tycoon 3!!!
  24. Dad Says:
    I got a rock.
  25. Alyssa Says:
    It’s ok, I’m sure Charlie Brown got one too!
  26. *NarnianGirl* Says:
    Hey dad! I gave you time, remember???
  27. Dad Says:
    Oh, right. I got time and a rock. And some hot chocolate mix, sitting right here on my desk, courtesy of Abigail. Yum.
  28. Alyssa Says:
    Wow Grace’s Dad, they really spoiled you!
  29. Alyssa Says:
    My Dad bought himself a game where you fly airplanes. But he gave it to me and said that I can give it to him for Christmas.
  30. Edmund P. Says:
    I got my Dad chocolate covered cherries and they are almost gone!
  31. Anna Popplewell Says:
    HAHAHA i got my dad home made hot chocolate mix!!
  32. Edmund P. Says:
  33. Sharpay Says:
    Yeah it isn’t that sweet tho.
  34. Arya Says:
  35. N D girl Says:
    Reall sweat.
  36. Arya Says:
    The only kind of hot chocolate we have is the yucky blucky Splenda kind. * * ___
  37. Alyssa Says:
    I like it, you can’t taste the splenda.
  38. Sharpay Says:
    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaaahahaahah!!!! 0_0
  39. Arya Says:
    I like the regular stuff better.
  40. Mystery person Says:
  41. Arya Says:
    Guys, I think the mystery person is acting evil.
  42. Mystery person Says:
    Oh reeeeaaaly.
  43. Arya Says:
    Yes Reeeeeeaaaaallllyyyy!

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